Company Info

Pre-Flight, Art Department & Prepress

Old school knowledge, cutting edge technology.
The merger of both are so complimentary to the department. We are always training and growing. We have highly trained and schooled design people on staff to help with your needs. Whether it’s a from scratch design to altering and tweaking your existing or furnished files we have you covered.

We also offer:
• Graphic Design
• Scanning
• PDF File Creation
• Internet-HTML5 "Flip Books" for digital catalogs
• Easy File Transfer Service
• Online Ordering & Proofing
• And So Much More!

Pre-press is so high-tech these days. We can take any file you have to offer and make it work for you. Of course our file of choice is PDF, but with our investment in technology, everything is possible. No more worries, and no more problems. Proofing is as easy as an Email PDF to your desktop, or as high-end as a 2880-DPI Epson Color Match Proof. You decide. It’s your project. Direct to plate is made simple with our KODAK Mangnus Thermal Laser Auto Load CTP System. KODAK Prinergy is our backbone for file processing. We not only offer PDF Final Proofing, but have many other options as well. With our new ColorFlow System G7 standards color standards have never been easier. Offering conventional and Staccato screening gives you choices many other printers just don't have to offer.